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Why Melancholy?


I'm a life-long, intermittent rock dweller.

I struggle daily with depression and anxiety. Yeah, I know.  A lot of people say that, especially given our current state of affairs. However, many of us who've struggled with any kind of life-long mental challenges do so in relative silence.  The stigma is just too great to voice it. We may topically broach the subject with our friends, but only those people closest to us know the real depth of pain and darkness we experience. From the outside, we "look" just fine. Many of us are very adept at putting on the happy face and showing up. Sometimes, we're the ones who generate the most laughter while enjoying our brief time in the sunlight. But, wearing the mask and playing the role is exhausting. So, knowing our energy limits and what recharges us is imperative to our survival. Besides recharging in nature, one of my coping mechanisms is to retreat "under my rock."  My closest friends and family know this about me and allow me the comforting luxury of being a rock-dweller. If I remain too long, however, they come pull me out. 


This blog is for those of you who are fellow rock-dwellers and have a true love of and are recharged by the outdoors.  We know, too well, the reality that often exists behind many of the pretty pictures or inspirational quotes on Instagram, Facebook, travel websites, etc.  Sometimes, it's all we can do to peer out from under our rock to glimpse the well-crafted lives pictured on those pages.  


Depending on where you are in your journey, you may be unable to venture far from home.  That's okay.  Your porch is great start. Perhaps, tales of my excursions or my photos in this blog will inspire you to take the next step.  Perhaps, my blog will spark a curiosity about nature, of which you're very much a part and from which you can find comfort.  At the very least, I hope my blog will remind you that there are options out there for you when you're ready and able.  The first step can be the hardest, but you're not alone.


I invite you to come out from under your rock, take my hand, and join me.


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